We are your virtual accounting and bookkeeping experts.

About WizPro

About us - WizPro Business Service is a corporation founded in 2020. with the single-minded purpose to aid the financial operation of Bookkeeping and Taxation for enabling businesses to flourish. WizPro has earned its reputation through years of successful operations and experiences. With more than 100+ The clientele has successfully increased revenue for thousands of businesses. WizPro has helped innumerable businesses with their accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, finance, and various other financial services.

Who Are We

We are a team of qualified accountants having broad experience in the field. We value time, understand how crucial it is for a business, and therefore we diligently complete the work assigned within deadlines.

We understand the importance of bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, etc., and how dirty dealing with this can be, especially if you’re new to business or don’t have expertise in the field.

Our office is furnished with the robust, latest technologies and infrastructure to ensure that your business’s crucial data remains 100% secure. We have assisted many organizations in planning out efficient business methods and save more than 50% of costs through our outsourcing services.

At WizPro, we believe dealing with accounts and financials shouldn’t drag down your business’s potential growth. We saw this problem in start-ups and even in some big companies. Being in the industry and serving for years, we knew we have to do something! That’s how WizPro came to be.

With at least five years of experience in international accounting, our staff is ready to serve you from our headquarters in Pune, India. Our office is at the city’s prime location, equipped with excellent infrastructure, fast and reliable internet connections, and modern amenities.

Our Beliefs

At WizPro, we believe:

We'll assist you throughout the journey and help you analyze your business KPIs and areas of improvement.

We follow all the best practices to deliver the project and maintain high-quality operational processes and checklists. We keep on improving our processes and methodologies to provide a top-notch experience to our clients.

We strictly adhere to data protection and data privacy guidelines and use virtual machines, secured access, top-level anti-virus software, etc. We keep client data security our top priority. We also perform background checks of each team member before boarding. We ensure data security by giving limited access to the other team members.

Not Just Individuals But Passionate Individuals

In this ever-changing and fast-paced world, we know we’ll best serve you if we keep upgrading ourselves with it.

WizPro comprises enthusiastic and passionate individuals who seek constant knowledge and update their skills.

Following the same road, our highly trained dedicated staff know the industry’s latest accounting/bookkeeping software like Quickbooks, Xero, Zoho Books, Wave, Freshbooks, Tally, TaxWise, Wave Accounting, and more.

Certified Teams, Excellent Work Quality

At WizPro, we believe quality overtakes quantity, always. Starting from scratch, we have put special efforts into making sure that each team member gets that, and it gets reflected in the work we do.

We have in-house teams certified by Quickbooks and Xero - the two most widely used accounting software in the world. We also ensure that all team members do regular training and certifications to remain at par with the changing world of compliance and regulations.

Let us handle your matters of money while you keep focusing on your business growth and expansion.