When you choose to outsource to handle taxes with WizPro, you get:

Whether you’re an individual or business taxpayer, you’d know filing tax returns is quite a hectic, and to be honest, frightening job. More often than not, businesses and individuals fail to take out time to put the documents in order, which severely increases errors.

And it’s not the businesses who are at fault. In this fast-paced world, it’s hard to keep track of time, and sometimes crucial tasks get missed. That’s where WizPro comes into play. When you buy our taxation services, we take care of all the required file taxes and keep documents in order.

Moreover, we also provide tax advisory services such as:

We provide taxation services in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and more. Take a look at what specifically we handle for companies residing in these countries:


Our tax preparation services for federal and state tax returns include:

Federal Tax Preparation Services State Tax Return Services
Individual Income Taxes Individual Income Taxes (for all states)
'C' Corporation Income Taxes Corporation Income Tax Returns
‘S' Corporation Income Taxes Partnership Income Tax Returns
Partnership Income Taxes Intangible Tax Returns
Fiduciary Income Taxes Tangible Tax Returns
Non-Profit Corporation Taxes Charter/Franchise Tax Returns
Heavy Equipment Use Taxes Capital gains taxes
Non-Resident Tax Return Preparation Gift Tax Return Preparation
Small Business Tax Return Preparation

We also have expertise in preparing Expat Tax returns and taking advantage of IRS Streamlined Amnesty Program, FBAR reporting, tax planning, and strategy.

United Kingdom

Our tax preparation services for the UK include:


Our tax preparation services for Ireland include:

At WizPro, we take tremendous pride in promising and delivering the committed tax services quickly. Our passion and more than ten years of experience in tax filing and preparation is the rock-solid foundation we are standing on. With customers from all around the world and not just India, we are pleased to inform you that we’re a truly global company.

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