Virtual CFO Services

When you choose to hire a virtual CFO with WizPro, you get:

Chief Financial Officer or CFO is one of the leaders responsible for the financial results of the company. This role has many tasks, from fundraising to mergers and acquisitions. But you’re probably wondering, what are the services WizPro’s virtual CFO provides? Read on.

New, small, mid-sized businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs – these businesses often struggle with managing their finances and increasing their financial results. It could be because they don’t have the expertise and money to hire a full-time CFO to steer their financial ship towards success. The result? Frustration, loss, out of business, etc.

At WizPro, virtual CFOs are for start-ups, small-scale or mid-sized businesses low on budget but high on ambitions! Our virtual CFO can be hired hourly for either 2 hours per day or more than 30 hours per day – as per your specific needs.

Like a virtual CFO, we may not be present on-site, but we will be there whenever you need us. We’ll perform all essential functions virtually, such as:

Our virtual CFOs are highly trained and have experience working in the toughest of environments. The ability to make a quick decision under high pressure while keeping in mind the company’s financials is crucial.

Our virtual CFO can also provide you a competitive advantage over other start-ups and SMEs. We’ll help you cut the waste and put your cash to use efficiently while identifying your company’s areas of expansion and growth.

We may not be present in the board meetings, but your CEO can always request to have us virtually. Keep in mind that a virtual CFO doesn’t manage HR/Admin, can’t suggest everything legally, be present for in-person participation, or handle all investor relations with the company.

Our extensive experience in the field, serving companies all around the globe for over ten years, is what puts us apart from other solutions available in the market. Let us be your vCFO and see your company’s financial graph grow to new heights!

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